Founded in 1993, Laura Bellariva is a family owned Italian brand known for its unique talent for women´s shoes. Made with true Italian craftsmanship and matchless quality, Laura Bellariva shoes are timeless, feminine and stylish. The brands mission is to enhance individuality by using high quality materials and allowing a Laura Bellariva customer to customize their own shoes.


Gaimo was established in 1975 by Jose Luis Iturriaga; a man whose unique entrepreneurial spirit and work ethic mark the company´s success. Today, it is a family business with his eldest daughter, Esmeralda, as the driving force. Creating both men´s and women´s shoes, she holds true to the company´s values of balancing tradition and craftsmanship with the understanding of ever changing fashion. The shoes are stylish, effortlessly cool and redefine Spanish playfulness.  

Hultquist Copenhagen was established in 1980 by Anne Hultquist.

The basic concept is creating unique jewellery inspired by the wonderful mixture of different cultures from the past, present and future. The brand designs an extensive range of feminine and bohemian fashion jewellery influenced by the classical Scandinavian look expressing individualism and fashion awareness. 


Created in 2003 by Lis Beck and Anna Söndergaard, Becksöndergaard has, through its whimsical and Danish stylishness, become a popular full-ranged accessories brand. The journey began as an inspiration trip to South Korea and the discovery of eel skin. Their quirky, colorful and silky soft eel skin products were an immediate success, which quickly turned into the production of other type of accessories such as leather bags, jewelry and T-Shirts. Today, Becksöndergaard is mostly known for its hand drawn, photo printed or knitted scarves, that each season offer a playful twist on classics and everyday luxury.



Dear Dharma is the ultimate answer to everyday luxury, and our very own private label of cashmere, leather and fur products. Collaborating with a Danish supplier, we offer a unique selection ranging from stretch-leather tights, classic cashmere cardigans, to Toscana fur coats; all the necessities for a refined and stylish wardrobe.


Modström is an impulsive Danish fashion brand, which constantly presents new fashion styles matching the current trends. The brand was founded in 2004 and is today recognized as an innovative and groundbreaking brand both on the Danish and international fashion scene.

The look signals femininity with a raw touch, and their sense for design makes it possible to vary in style and look to adapt to the continuously changing fashion industry.


Founded in 2002 by Trine Skoller, Stella Nova is the epitome of Danish design and Scandinavian attitude. Trines creative view and eye for details has shaped a brand that portrays confident women who dare to dress exactly how they like. Stella Nova is playful and at times whimsical, it is feminine and refined as well as urban and edgy. The brand has an eccentricity and unpredictability that is not only easy to fall in love with, but is always right for the season.

Imagine a house where the colours are deeper and richer, where the patterns are intricate and almost alive. A home to women who recognize each other in the strength of their mind, their heart and their sense of humour. A place for laughter, adventure and creativity.

Fabienne Chapot (2006) is an Amsterdam-based fashion brand, named after the founder and CEO.


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